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Sharon Stone Loses Custody Of Son

September 23rd, 2008 Posted in Celebrity Gossip

Sharon Stone has lost physical custody of her eight-year-old son Roan.

ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT has obtained court documents from a September 12 custody hearing which grants ex-husband Phil Bronstein “permanent sole physical custody of child.”

“Court finds that respondent [Sharon Stone] failed to meet her burden of proof and denies respondent’s [Sharon Stone's] request for modification of custody.”

In October 2007 a judge ruled that the couple would have “joint legal and physical custody” of their adopted son Roan.

The pair wed on Valentine’s Day in 1998 (who could forget that pink wedding dress on the cover of PEOPLE).

Phil is a newspaper editor in San Francisco and Shazza moved up there while they were married.

They split in 2003 and she headed back to La-La Land and adopted two more boys, Laird and Quinn.

We can’t imagine how being shipped off to San Francisco and leaving your two brothers and your mother would be a better living situation, but obviously the court has more information than we do.

Sharon has always been a bit wacky and was recently in hot water at the Cannes Film Festival after saying that the devastating Chinese earthquake earlier this year was a result of karma for the way the Chinese had treated the Tibetans.

Looks like karma’s back and she’s a bitch!

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