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Give Green, Go Green

October 26th, 2008 Posted in The Environment

By S McIntyre

For many years now, we’ve had a green Christmas. Rarely have we woken up to a city blanketed in white. I’m quite certain this year will be no different in the weather department. On the other hand, going green this holiday season and every year thereafter should be looked upon more seriously.

Every year around the holidays there is excess trash filling the landfills. It’s essential to our environment to decrease our garbage and each individual should do their part in reducing, reusing and recycling.

Here’s how you can help and do your part in being environmental eco-friendly this holiday season and thereafter.

1. Recycled paper. If you must buying greeting cards, wrapping paper, gift bags and other paper products, buy paper made from recycled paper. Reuse old greeting cards as gift tags, make them into confetti or use them to decorate homemade cards and other crafts. Do something creative like use newspaper, magazines, paper bag or bubble wrap to wrap gifts.

2. Use containers. You can use containers with or without the lids. Jars, vases, tins, baskets, and Tupperware are all great items to wrap gifts in. Line the container with fabric instead of tissue. Another green option is wrap it up in a canvas bag and decorate it with ribbons. All these items are reusable.

3. Give green, go green. Think eco-friendly when it comes to gift giving. Give tickets to a play, ballet or to the symphony. Make homemade gifts like baked goods, scrapbooks, picture frames, needlework etc. If you’re choosing to buy a gift, go with natural products like wood, clay and bamboo. Buy chemical-free, toxic-free and natural and organic items.

4. Compost box. Throw your kitchen waste into a compost box. Vegetable peelings, grass clippings, leaves, crushed egg shells, tea bags, coffee grounds and paper all makes for a rich soil that can be used in your flower and vegetable garden. Don’t put cooked or raw meat products as it will attract animals.

5. Tree decoration. Decorate your tree with string popcorn, paper chains, berries, acorn, pinecones, and candy canes. Make ornaments with tin foil, popsicle sticks or make gingerbread and use different cookie cutters for different shapes. Use different materials such as satin, lace or silk, ribbons and bows.

6. Leave the car at home. Go for a walk with the kids, get some fresh air and some exercise. It reduces stress and clears your mind.

There’s no time like the present to go green. Make it your choice to reduce your carbon footprint today because it will make for a better tomorrow and for your future.

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