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Lara Croft 2.0 – Is Megan Fox Replacing Angelina Jolie?

January 29th, 2009 Posted in Entertainment

Shelley Seddon

Warner Bros. has confirmed that Lara Croft is coming back, but this time around they’re looking for a new leading lady.

Seems Angelina Jolie will be hanging up her hot pants and passing the torch to a younger version.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the third film in the Tomb Raider franchise will change Lara’s backstory and introduce new missions, love interests and villains.

While producers say an actress likely won’t be cast until a writer and director have signed on, Megan Fox has emerged as the frontrunner according to fans in cyberspace.

Angelina seems to have become a bit mumsy with her Dynasty-style hair and she even wore her SAG dress backwards – with the plunging neckline in the back. Blasphemy!

Casting Megan seems like a no-brainer and a license to print money.

The first installment, released in 2001, grossed $275 million worldwide, while the 2003 sequel earned $157 million.

We’re guessing there will be millions of teenage boys (and men) chomping at the bit to check out Megan at the multiplex.

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