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Todays Trends In Woman’s Jeans

December 5th, 2007 Posted in What's Hot Now

Blue jeans have come a long way from their rugged roots. Once the garb of factory workers, cowboys and gold miners, now suburbanites and socialites consider them the height of fashion, according to MSN Shopping and Style Editor Shannon McCarthy who continues with her jeans report.

Breathing Room ? Wide Leg & Flare
Just when we thought designers couldn’t possibly shrink their super-slender denim one more millimeter, along comes a little relief. Sure, stovepipe, cigarette and legging-like jeans remain in vogue, but the newest buzz surrounds something a bit more humane. Wide is the new skinny. But don’t let this newfound freedom go to your head ? or your hips. Fitting this fad to your figure can be a little tricky. I prefer pairs that are slimmer in the waist and hip, with a “mid,” or higher, rise. Darker rinses and heavier gauge fabric help control the line. Go too loose and shapeless and you’re liable to look bigger rather than better. Anchor the roomy swagger with a cropped jacket that hits at the waist, and a pair of substantial, blocky, heels. It’s definitely a fun and trend-right style, but it tends to work better on leggier frames. The best compromise? The flare-leg jean. It’s snug from waist to knee, then widens gently to the ankle, and flatters almost every figure.

Cutting It Close ? Skinny & Straight
While the harbingers of hip point towards the full-leg jean as the silhouette of the season, there’s still room (or, to be more precise, lack thereof) for the straight and narrow. Some of us may want to wish this category into the cornfield, but I promise, there is a way to wear them without fear of fashion faux-pas (or fainting). If you want super-sleek, but worry about what this will do to your bottom line, try wearing a pair under a tunic top or a long chunky sweater ? volume over svelte is incredibly stylish right now. Keep it comfortable by choosing pairs with a bit of stretch in the fabric, and forgoing the tummy torture of super-low rises. And if skinny is just too mini, stick with classic straight-leg jeans. They’ll never go out of style, are available in every cool color and wash and slenderize your look nicely. (Tip ? both of these cuts work perfectly with the hot footwear of the season ? flats, peep-toe platforms and boots.)

A Happy Medium ? Bootcut
This is the most universally flattering style in jeansville. Not too loose, not too tight. In fact, I’ll hazard a guess it would be Goldilocks’ pick. They’re cut relatively slender through hip, thigh and knee, then open up just enough at the ankle to accommodate a boot. (Note ? these aren’t the jeans to choose if you want to show off your boots. For that you’ll need a skinny or straight cut that’ll tuck in easily.) And because this style is so ubiquitous and truly wearable, you can bag a few in the latest finishes and treatments and not worry that they’ll drop off fashion’s radar next week. The trends du jour include a cleaner overall design, with less whiskering, fraying, embellishment and embroidery than we’ve seen in years past. Uniform rinses, in inky dark hues or soft and natural blue shades, are showing up everywhere. Back-end detail is also calming down ? I’ve heard the shocking news that fashionistas are beginning to eschew designer swirls for a more plain-pocket design. Will wonders never cease?

Denim for Divas ?Curvy & Plus Size
Here’s a fashion confession ? until the age of 22, I’d visit my local jean emporium, buy a few pairs from the guy’s section, and be done with it. Not that I was built like a boy (I most assuredly wasn’t) but at that age I didn’t think about fit. I thought it was cool to simply not care. Now? Not so much. Luckily, designers are catching on that women come in all different shapes and sizes, and the “boyfriend jean” is not for everyone. My favorite tailoring change is the “tilted rise” ? it’s higher in the back than in the front, and eliminates that eternally annoying waistband gap you get if your waist happens to be smaller than your hips. Another area that’s finally being addressed is the derriere. We’re seeing ingenious pocket and seaming design, and sturdier fabrication that eliminates major mirror phobia. Plus-size jean lovers will welcome innovations like tummy control, comfort waists, sexy stretch fabric and an attention to chic detail that was once relegated to the super-skinny set.

Fancy That ? Darker Rinses & Trouser Styles
Denim isn’t just for Casual Fridays anymore. The new breed of gussied up jeans looks more at home in the boardroom or at a swanky cocktail party than on the range. Everything about them kicks it up a sophisticated notch. Premium fabric blends, combined with detailed and precise tailoring, lend a couture flair, and grown-up colors like black and steely gray provide a polish we haven’t seen before. If you love the comfort and easy-care of jeans but need something a little fancier, try a “trouser” cut ? they’re modeled on expertly designed dress pants and feature lots of classy touches like front slash pockets, welt back pockets, extended tab waistbands and higher rises. While the most on-trend pairs will sport the hot new wide leg, what you won’t find are tough or funky details like distressing, super-faded washes or crazy colors. Stick with clean, streamlined versions in over-dyed dark hues, and pair these beauties with crisp white blouses, professionally polished jackets and platform pumps, and you’ll master the art of casual chic.

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