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What To Look For In Mp3 Players

December 31st, 2007 Posted in New Technologies

by Roberto Sedycias

?An MP3 player review is an important resource for any potential buyer. It provides information on the product, having been tested by a range of people including experts and in a range of environments. The whole point of a review is that it allows the reader to get a well rounded outlook on a product before purchasing. Any basic MP3 player review should, therefore, give the reader clear information, considering the variety of users that may purchase the item and also the ways in which they may use it. The review is that meant to provide the best possible consumer information, and so the best type of review should give the reader the opportunity to make an informed choice about their purchase, and with confidence.

MP3 player reviews come in various styles. Some are simply tables with ratings clearly next to the criteria that are being considered. Others will consist of explanations and considerations of the various features, and also provide clear realistic examples to back up the opinion expressed. The best type of MP3 player review will provide both. This makes the review both easy to understand, will make the plus and minus points stand out, and also provide more in depth information on the device that catches the consumers eye. It will also have a clear and functional search facility that will narrow down the criteria that is most important to the buyer. This saves time and energy, and prevents unnecessary information being read.

Any review should consider a range of MP3 players within a range of price categories. The price should be clearly displayed as this is often one of the first criteria that will affect the consumer`s initial decision when choosing a product. It would be unfair to produce a review that enticed the buyer, only to show a price outside of the budget afterwards. The descriptions should place the MP3 player in the top, bottom or lowest end in terms of quality for the price category it fits. Consumers know that the higher priced models are probably the best in terms of quality and special features, but it is only the products within their price range that truly interests them.

MP3 player reviews should provide detailed information on the performance of the product, and compare it to others similar in both type and price. The sound quality should be tested thoroughly, with a range of music considered as the quality of sound will differ, for instance, with additional bass or a faster beat. The sound quality should also be tested in a variety of scenarios to ensure that most possible uses are considered; for instance, the sound quality when jogging may differ from the sound quality in a busy street. The sound should be tested through both MP3 player compatible speakers and headphones, as both are realistic possibilities.

The portability of the MP3 player is another major consideration. Size and weight can vary, and often matters a great deal to the buyer. Exact measurements should be provided where possible to give the clearest possible picture. In addition to this, the usability should be a major consideration. Some are more functional and easy to navigate than others. The buyer that is an MP3 player veteran will want a different product to that of a first time buyer.

Another consideration in any review should also be the durability, as potential buyers want to know that their chosen product is not only the best possible quality, but that it will also last. The battery life and the time taken to recharge is another important factor, and exact or average figures should be provided.

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