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How to Maximize the Effect of a Fake Tan

December 31st, 2007 Posted in What's Hot Now

How to maximize the effect of fake tan and care to be taken when using these products! by Ursula Mclean

?You are about to use a fake tan product for the first time and are not quite sure how to go about it. It is very necessary that you read all the does and don?ts given on the product carton so that you know the things to avoid and do when applying a tan.
Best way to apply fake tan is to first take a trial on your skin and wait for the result, if the result is too dark or too light then you will require changing the concentration of product you are using. If the trial result is too dark, then try and use the fake tan product lightly on skin.
What are the things you should ensure before fake tan application?
Before using fake tan products it is necessary that you take a bath and remove all dead cells from your face and body. Ensure that you have enough time on hand to use the product because applying and letting the product dry will take some time. When applying the fake tan product, make sure you are not wearing anything; you will not be able to wear any clothes until after almost 15-20 minutes after you have used the product.
Cleaning skin is important if you do not want a patchy fake tan on your body and face. When applying fake tan on your face you should ensure that you leave nothing out and spread the fake tan product smoothly over all the parts of your face. You should be extra careful with your face any unevenness would show clearly.
How to apply fake tan products?
Whether you are using fake tan lotion, cream or a spray, spreading the product evenly over your skin is important. Equal spread of the fake tan products will avoid patchy tan. Application should be done almost like you would apply a moisturizer to your skin, meaning in round motions. This way the fake tan product would go nicely into the skin making the tan look effective.
After fake tan has been applied make sure you let it dry before dressing up, wearing clothes when the tan is not may stain your clothes and damage the tan. The best thing to do would be waiting for the tan to dry and dress up later. If your fake tan product is of good quality, you will not require using other products like the moisturizer, etc. You can use a little bit of makeup and lipstick that matches the fake tan.
Fake tan products are the best way to get a tan without having to lie down in the sun, other artificial tanning methods like the sunless tanning through UV rays, etc. have some hazardous effects on health. It all depends on the exposure to these rays, therefore, you can use fake tan products without having to bother about the after effects. Use best products for best results!

Using fake tan products at any time during the year is welcome, it makes you look stunning and with different skin friendly oils at work on your skin, your skin would look its healthy best. It is up to you whether you want to use fake tan sprays or lotions for yourself.

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