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Lucky diner orders clams, finds a treasure

January 1st, 2008 Posted in Mind Boggling Trivia

A lucky Palm Beach diner ordered some steamers and walked away with a treasure.? George Brock of Royal Palm Beach, and his wife Leslie, walked into Dave?s Last Resort & Raw Bar and ordered the $10 steamer special.? Halfway through his bowl, he bit into something hard.? Spitting the hard object back into the broth, he saw an iridescent purple pearl.? The gem is extremely rare and not usually found in the middleneck clams he ordered which were harvested from Apalachicola in the Panhandle.? These pearls are normally found in large quahogs from New England.? Those clams have violet markings inside their shells.?? The Palm Beach Post reports that the couple plans to sell their find unless it is determined to not be of much value.? If that is the case, they plan to put it into a pendant.? The value of the pearl will depend upon an upcoming auction of a quahog pearl brooch currently on exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History which experts feel will establish the market for these rare gems though at least one expert believes it is worth several thousand dollars. ??The couple returned to Dave?s to find that many other patrons were also ordering the clams probably with the hopes that lightning will strike twice.

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