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Spears out of the hospital, what’s next?

January 6th, 2008 Posted in Celebrity Gossip

Several news outlets are reporting that Britney Spears was admitted to the hospital on Friday after a confrontation at her home left her in hysterics.? ?Britain?s News of the World quoted a friend of ex-husband Kevin Federline as saying police were called to Spears? home because Federline believed two guns were kept in home and he feared for his sons? safety.? NOTW claims that Federline gave Spears a pistol for a previous birthday.? Other websites reported that Dr. Phil McGraw visited Spears at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles as she was packing to leave on Saturday.? He reportedly spent about an hour with her and walked her to her car through an underground tunnel.? McGraw was quoted as saying she is in ?dire need of both medical and psychological intervention.?? ?The chaos began on Thursday evening when Spears refused to turn over sons, 2-year old Sean Preston and 1-year old Jayden James, to Federline?s representatives as dictated by their temporary custody arrangements.? Federline?s attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, went to court on Friday and was successful in obtaining full legal and physical custody of the boys for Federline.? Spears? attorneys, Trope & Trope, have recently requested to withdraw as her legal representative due to a ?breakdown in communication? with their client.? Spears is believed to still be at her home.

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