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Finding Cheap Accommodations Near Disneyland

March 29th, 2008 Posted in Disneyland Insider Tips

Want to go to Disneyland but can?t find an affordable place to stay?? In recent years, the old motels surrounding the theme park have seen prices skyrocket from around $40-50 per night to well over $100.? With a 1 day park hopper ticket at $91 and parking at $11, it costs a person over $100 just to step through the gates.? Despite the high prices, I?m a Disney lover and found a way to cut some of the costs on a recent visit.?

Traveling during the busy spring break period is not the best plan, but it was something we had to do to attend a performance at the park.? Knowing that accommodations might be hard to get, it started checking travel websites about six weeks in advance.? I found a room at the Super 8 (1 star motel) nearby on Katella Ave. for $59-64 a night and booked a reservation for three nights.? Their cancellation policy allowed cancellations up to the day before with no penalty.? ?

Starting nearly every day going forward, I put in an offer on priceline.com for a 3 star hotel in the Disneyland area for $45-50 a night.? As I put in my bid, the website would inform me that median price for 3 star hotels in Orange County ranged from $232-292.? Each time my bid was rejected but I wasn?t discouraged.? As the date of your stay approaches, the likelihood of a hotel selling a vacant room decreases.? From the hotel?s standpoint, it is better to get something for a room than to leave it empty.? About three days before leaving for Disney, I put an offer for $50 that was accepted by the Anaheim Hilton.? This is a large, full service hotel adjacent to the Anaheim Convention Center.? It is an easy 10 minute walk to the Disneyland entrance which saved us the daily parking fee.? The Hilton charges $15 per day to self-park which is pretty steep but since we only paid $50 a night, it wasn?t really a problem.? Our 9th floor room had a partial view of the parks.?? All in all, we had a very enjoyable stay for a very reasonable price.

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