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Aladdin – A Musical Spectacular

April 24th, 2008 Posted in Disneyland Insider Tips

By:? Penny Daize?

Probably my favorite show at any Disney park is Aladdin ? A Musical Spectacular playing at the Hyperion Theater in Disney?s California Adventure.? This 45-minute show pulls out all the stops and includes Broadway quality sets, special effects, and costumes.? The plot follows the animated movie fairly closely.? Pivotal scenes are recreated in a song and dance spectacular.? The Hyperion is a beautiful theater which holds approximately 2,000 guests on three levels.? The upper levels are usually opened only when warranted by heavy crowds.

The special effects include the magic carpet ride sequence high over the audience and a parade through the aisles to depict Aladdin?s arrival in Agrabah atop an elephant reminiscent of Broadway?s The Lion King.? The dialogue by the genie is updated periodically to reflect current pop culture.? The jokes are spot-on and very funny.? The set design plays an integral role in the production and is used to great effect especially during chases and transitions from interior to exterior scenes.

This musical could easily make the transition to Broadway with a few added songs and scenes.? It really is that good.? Rumor has it that it will be replaced in the next year or two with a new Disney production so don?t walk but run to see it before it?s gone.

Note:? There are no bathrooms in the theater so make sure to make a pit stop before you get in line.? The nearest ones are next to Cruella de Vil?s trailer at the top of Hollywood Boulevard.

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