Debt Consolidation Is A Better Option Than Bankruptcy

By Apurva Shree

With many debt consolidation companies offering different programs to eliminate debt, there are so many options to relieve you of debt nowadays than there were in the earlier times. There are so many channels from where you get free information for debt reduction. Internet, consultation forums and groups, newspapers, television and even FM radio are filled with advice on what to do once you find yourself entrapped in the web of debt. If you plan your moves carefully then happy debt free days are never far away. In earlier times, the moment you were unable to pay a single installment, you were flooded with thoughts of bankruptcy and all hope was lost. It is not so anymore. Whatever be your means of information, today, the best solution available to people reeling under a huge debt burden is debt consolidation.

Bankruptcy Has Many Negatives

Even though bankruptcy is a method to eliminate debt, it is always advisable to avoid bankruptcy owing to its inherent disadvantages. Bankruptcy ruins your credit history. It will remain as a blotch on your credit history for more than 10 years from the date you are declared bankrupt with all the credit agencies and for 20 years this information will remain in court records. This damages your present and future irreparably as all creditors and future employers first look at your credit report before giving you any form of service or employment. Moreover, if you declare bankruptcy you may have to part with some of the most precious assets of your life, those that you have cherished dearly, like your property, jewelry or your car. Bankruptcy leaves you broken on all the corners.

Advantages of Debt Consolidation

A debt consolidation program gives you many advantages over bankruptcy. First, you must understand that declaring yourself bankrupt will not end all your woes, as it is only a temporary relief. You are still under obligation to pay certain debts like state taxes etc. even after you declare bankruptcy, whereas you get permanent relief when you opt for a debt consolidation program. Moreover, if you go for debt consolidation then you are able to minimize your debts to the tune of 50%-60%, which means debt consolidation helps you to literally halve your current market debts. Another benefit of debt consolidation is that you can continue to live the way you want to without making any drastic changes in your lifestyle and start paying back your debts to your creditors in easy monthly installments.

A carefully selected debt consolidation program helps you in a very constructive way as it creates an atmosphere of good credit for you all around as your creditors and your associates appreciate your efforts to come out of hard times. The biggest advantage of taking a debt consolidation program to eliminate debt is that you get complete freedom from all your creditors as the debt consolidation company takes the full responsibility of dealing with the creditors and pays them on its own. You free yourself from the harassing phone calls and mails. Just opt for a debt consolidation program and see your problems vanish away.